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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Process

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How do I order?

Just email your printing with details of quantity, whether you want them folded or in a tube, the paper size, your address and any special instructions. Order forms are available on request.

How do I pay?

An invoice will be sent with your printing (unless you have a monthly account), you can then pay by cheque, Paypal or online banking (BACS). Payment details will be shown on the invoice.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit card payments are accepted through Paypal only, payment up front is only needed if the total value of the order exceeds £100.  Payment is possible through Paypal, an email is sent with a link to enable payment through their secure system. Payment by BACS is preferred.

How do I email large files such as digital photos

Email files up to 10mb to the normal email address, if the file is bigger than this please use an upload site such as Mailbigfile or WeTransfer.  Alternatively copy it to a USB stick and post it to us.

Can you print in colour?

Yes our HP T2600dr Designjet is a 6 colour inkjet printer used for large format prints/posters and our Ricoh full colour copier/printer for documents up to A3 size.

Can you scan in colour?

Yes we can scan in colour up to A0 on our new HP T2600dr Designjet Printer. This printer is roll fed (not a flatbed scanner) therefore what ever needs scanning must be flexible enough to pass through the printer.

Can you print spreadsheets?

Yes. Just email the spreadsheet explaining which sheet to print and what size you need it printed.  Set the ‘Print Area’ before emailing if you don’t want the complete sheet printing.

Can you print from my software?

Autocad (DWG/DXF files) and Drawing Express file formats are accepted, if you use other software and can’t export/print to a PDF we will endeavour to find the correct software.  See our links page for PDF printing software.

Can you print from plotter files?

Yes we can print from HPGL files, these files tend to give a very accurate result on scale and linetypes.  When you send them through please let us know what size they are expected to be just to be sure they plot out correctly.

Can you print PDF’s?

Yes. This method allows you to view the drawing with Adobe Reader before emailing it. It avoids receiving plans with incorrect line thicknesses or fonts. We can fit the PDF to any size page, however we will print the file at 100% unless you instruct us differently.  Ideally colour prints should be saved in CYMK colour gamut (not RGB) to accurately reproduce the colours intended.

Can you print plans bigger than A0?

Documents up to 5m long can be printed with a maximum width of 915mm. Please email if you have an unusual requirement.

Is postage and packaging free?

No, all orders placed will have postage or courier costs added to them.  If the plans are to be rolled an extra charge of £2 will apply for the tube.  We will charge you whatever it costs us to post your printing using lower franking machine charges or additional courier costs if the printing is sent out in a box.

Do you post plans overseas?

Yes but this will incur additional postal or courier charges.